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PLEASE READ: The client agrees that there is absolutely no charge back on the deposit of $200, by clicking this button and paying for their deposit, the client has agreed to our terms.


A 200.00 dollars deposit is required to save your reservation for 3 days or more.
This deposit is not refundable and it is deducted from your total balance. Your remaining balance must be paid a week before your arrival, if you are going to use a Debit or Credit Card.

If you prefer to use cash to pay for your balance you can do it once you get here, but to do so you need to have paid 50% of your total amount. Amounts paid using any Debit or Credit card will have a 7% tax included.
If for any reason you need to change the date of your procedure, please let us know a week before your check in date. We can rearrange your reservation and your deposit will not be lost. If you are already checked in and do not complete your stay due to procedure cancellation or change to your procedure date without previous notification, we do not refund deposit.
Flawless Recovery House will try to accommodate you.

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