Terms Of Service


Airport pickup (NO LATE PICKUP)

Airport drop-off starts at 7am.

One pre-op appointment.

One post op appointment.

One day of surgery drop-off and pickup.

One medication run.

Extra transportation is $80.00.

Additional pharmacy run is $50.00.

The first 24 hours
On the date of your procedure you will arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled time. You are required to be ready an hour before to accommodate transportation, please take into consideration the traffic and any minor issues, we don’t want our clients to be late or lose their scheduled appointment.

Please provide our phone number to the medical assistant or the nurse upon your arrival at the clinic, to call us when you are ready for pick up.

In our facility there will be personnel waiting to accommodate your needs after your procedure. Remember our staff is there to accommodate your every need.

After the first 24 hours we will assist you in taking light exercises such as standing and walking, this will help promote healing and circulatory stimulation.


Flawless Recovery provides personal care to our clients 24 hours a day but our business hours are from 7:00 am till 7:00 pm.

Always take our business hours into consideration when scheduling your flight. If your flight is scheduled before or after these hours, you will need your own transportation to get to our recovery home.
Check in time 2:00 pm
Check out time 11:00 am
If your flight gets to Miami before 7:00 am on your check in day, you will need to Uber to your pre op appointment and we will arrange for pick up when you are done.

On your check out day we will drop you off at the airport after 11:00 am or before if you need to, but always after 7:00 am. If your flight is before 7:00 am you will need to make transportation arrangements to go to the airport. Remember there may be someone coming to fill your spot and we need to have it ready.
In case you have your post op appointment the day you are leaving, we can take you to the clinic and it will be your responsibility to arrange transportation to the airport.
If you have any concerns just let us know, we can be flexible in some cases but in general these are our rules.


Flawless Recovery house provides 3 daily nutritious meals, snacks, beverages, and fruits.

Breakfast: 7:00 am to 9:00 am.
Lunch: 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm.
Dinner: 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.
On the day of your procedure these hours can be adjusted to accommodate you, if your procedure is not scheduled during these hours, we would like you to respect the hours posted. We provide healthy and nutritious meals. In case you need something specific, we can do our best to please you.

Cleaning and Laundry Service

Flawless Recovery House guarantees cleaning service 24 hours a day. Bedding, bathrooms and other areas of the house are clean on a daily basis. Remember our staff is here to please and accommodate you, whether it is taking a shower, putting on garments or simply changing your clothes, we have it covered.


In order to provide our Clients with a quiet and save environment, Flawless Recovery House does not accept friends or family members to stay or spend time in our recovery home, we do not accommodate male clients or any visitors, due to privacy concerns.

Pricing and Packages

3 Night Stay: $900.00

4 Night Stay: $1,200.00

5 Night Stay: $1,545.00

6 Night Stay: $1,845.00

7 Night Stay: $2,050.00

A 200.00 dollars deposit is required to save your reservation.

This deposit is non-refundable and it is deducted from your total balance. Your remaining balance must be paid a week before your arrival, if you are going to use a Debit or Credit Card.

If you for any reason need to change the date of your procedure, please inform us within 72 hours of being cancelled by the clinic. Before booking new dates with the clinic, you must reach out to us to confirm availability of dates on our calendar.


  • The $200 minimum reservation deposit is non-refundable.
  • Cancellations more than 30 days prior to arrival will be refunded to the original method of payment LESS the $200 deposit, taxes and processing fees of $50.00.
  • No refunds will be given if you are not able to have surgery on surgery day for any reason, however one reschedule will be honored for 6 months for unused portion of stay.
  • No refunds will be given for early check-outs.
  • Flawless Recovery reserves the right to ask you to leave at anytime.

Additional Amenities

  • Wifi
  • Netflix
  • Laundry Services
  • Medication Pick-up